I do like the internet. I’m on Facebook with zero friends. Who wants to see endless pictures of grand kids, and find out what people had for lunch? People post crap such as “Walmart bananas have HIV, 9 kids sent to hospital!” They don’t research anything, they just post what they see. I even fell for that a couple of times! The rapture is next Tuesday! This one’s true, see my blog!

Don’t even get me started on smart phones. People can’t turn these frickin things off for one minute. I hate going to concerts, because all you see is a sea of phones in the air, recording so they can post it, and texting during the show; “Hey I’m at the Blue Oyster Cult show. It’s awesome!”  “What song are are they playing?” “I don’t know, I’m talking to you.”  “When I get home I’ll get to see the show and I’ll text you the song.”

I invited my daughter’s boyfriend over to watch a football game, and he was constantly on his phone! “What are you doing?”  “I’m seeing what other people are saying about the game.”  Who gives a shit?  I don’t go to movies because of all of the idiots checking their phones, with that lovely, bright white light.  I’ll go into a restaurant and walk past a table of four. They’re all on their phones!

Driving while texting: Enough said!

OK. That’s enough ranting for one day. God bless you.


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Author: Barack Baruch

I've been a born again Christian for over 40 years. I've spent most of that time in the wilderness. I'm addicted to caffeine, nicotine, Rock and Roll, and FTL. I've been interested in eschatology since I was told the rapture was imminent in 1975.

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