I’m getting to be so jaded.

I am so sick of all of the self centered people. I don’t go to the movies any more, because of the idiotic texting. I don’t go to concerts anymore, because of the sea of fricking I-phones that are always in the air. Over half of all drivers are texting while driving. Everybody is on their frickiing phones. I can’t wait for the cell phone system to go down. I hate social media. Maybe I should tweet that. Facebook and twitter are sucking the life out of people.  Have a nice day!

BarackIdaho trip 338

Author: Barack Baruch

I've been a born again Christian for over 40 years. I've spent most of that time in the wilderness. I'm addicted to caffeine, nicotine, Rock and Roll, and FTL. I've been interested in eschatology since I was told the rapture was imminent in 1975.

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